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US FTC sues ‘consent farm’ operator for ‘massive’ telemarketing deception

By Jonathan Stempel (Reuters) – The U.S. government on Monday sued a New York-based company for allegedly operating a so-called “massive ‘consent farm’ enterprise” to trick nearly 1 million people a day into providing personal information and consent to receive telemarketing calls. Fluent LLC was accused of having since 2011 used deceptive ads and websites […]

Fake savings bond scheme leads to $50M in losses and issues for legitimate savers

by Susan Tompor, Detroit Free Press. —From Yahoo Finance. Original article:   Sure, we’ve heard of the feds seizing all sorts of shady items – glitzy Rolex watches, well-done counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags, lookalike Gucci earrings. Who would imagine, though, that crooks are cranking out anything as dull as counterfeit U.S. Savings Bonds? And […]

Block: How Inflated User Metrics and “Frictionless” Fraud Facilitation Enabled Insiders To Cash Out Over $1 Billion

—- From hindenburgresearch. Original article:   On Thursday March 30th, Block released a statement in an effort to address several of the issues we raised in our report released on March 23rd. Rather than refute the key issues, Block’s response instead confirmed much of our analysis and avoided addressing the rest of it. Block’s Response Confirmed It Has […]

Icahn Enterprises: The Corporate Raider Throwing Stones From His Own Glass House

— quote from, original report:   Icahn Enterprises (IEP) is an ~$18 billion market cap holding company run by corporate raider and activist investor Carl Icahn, who, along with his son Brett, own approximately 85% of the company. Our research has found that IEP units are inflated by 75%+ due to 3 key […]

Icahn’s Latest Disclosures Raise Critical New Questions About Margin Loans, Continued Portfolio Losses

—-from hindenburgresearch, original article:   On May 2nd, we published a report outlining numerous issues at Icahn Enterprises (IEP). The company responded on May 4th by failing to address any of the issues we raised, reiterating its $2 per quarter dividend and promising to address the issues later “at length”. Given that Carl Icahn has styled himself as a […]

Tingo Group: Fake Farmers, Phones, and Financials—The Nigerian Empire That Isn’t

—- from hindenburgresearch, original article:   We are short Tingo Group Inc (NASDAQ:TIO) because we believe the company is an exceptionally obvious scam with completely fabricated financials. Tingo, headquartered in New Jersey, claims to have several business segments focused on providing mobile phones, food processing and an online food marketplace for farmers primarily located […]